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A medigap broker brings a lot of experience to the table. 

Especially if he or she is independent.

These advantages are significant, so this means more money in your pocket! 

It’s important to know that unlike Part D, you cannot sign up for a Medigap plan directly through Medicare.

Hypothetically, let’s establish that you want to sign up for a Medigap plan. 

Specifically, there are two basic ways to sign up for a Medigap plan.

To the left you have an insurance company and on the right you have an independent Medigap broker.

In the event that you chose one over the other, you’ll still receive the same rate, same benefits, and same claims processing.

Although this may be true, there are advantages of working with an independent Medigap broker over the insurance company directly.

Medigap Broker Brings you Independence

The independent medigap broker is just that, independent!

In other words, they can compare various options from multiple companies.

Granted, this seems easy for anyone to do on their own, but anyone that’s tried can tell you it’s a headache.

For one thing, most prices are not published online.

Insurance companies that get people to their website will only show their pricing. That limits the options you get to see.

In the event that you want different choices, the first thing to remember is an independent Medigap agent works with multiple Medigap companies.

Another key point is that Medigap rates change sooner or later. In fact, independent Medigap brokers are notified in real-time.

All things considered, it’s a clear advantage to work with an independent Medigap broker that can present multiple options instantly.


Unbiased Opinion

An independent Medigap broker can provide unbiased expertise from the continuous training provided by various Medigap companies.

This is for the purpose of providing the best Medicare education.

Notably, at Medicare Mentor, we represent 15+ companies in 40+ states.

As a result, we have been able to help thousands of clients.

As independent Medigap brokers, we have access to see how stable company rates have been over time.

All things considered, Medigap brokers know which companies have maintained a strong position in the marketplace.

Ultimately leading to unbiased support.


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Personal Approach

Everyone is in a different situation.

With this in mind, it’s important to work with an experienced medigap broker.

A medigap broker deals with different people on a daily basis.

As a result a medigap broker can help identify what solutions are available that you most likely weren’t aware of.

For instance, a medigap broker can help identify if you may qualify for extra help.

This can be based on your income and under the right circumstances, can save you thousands annually.

Ongoing Support

Once you choose a Medigap plan, a Medigap broker can provide continuous service.

For one thing, Medigap brokers are compensated on an ongoing basis.

Given that, it’s to their advantage to consistently service your policy.

As a matter of fact, most Medigap brokers offer added services to their clients.

For example, we offer several complimentary services.

Such as, annual Part D plan reviews, Medicare informational newsletters, and periodic rate snapshots of Medigap rates.

100% FREE Expert Advice

The biggest advantage of using an independent Medigap broker is that there is no cost.

As a matter of fact, you’re already paying for a broker whether you use one or not!

For one thing, the commission that an insurance company pays a Medigap broker is included into your monthly costs.

That’s whether you did or didn’t use a Medigap broker.

Under those circumstances, why not capitalize on your premium dollars and use a broker’s expertise?

Given these points, it makes all the sense to seek out a Medigap broker’s expert advice.

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All things considered, whether it’s us or another Medigap broker, it’s a fact that being independent has many advantages.

Signing up directly with an insurance company can be an easy process.

Although this may be true, will they show you options when it matters?

In other words, when your monthly price goes up, will your insurance company show you their competitors’ pricing?

They won’t, and as a result this can cost you hundreds if not thousands over time.

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*Please note, we do not make any specific carrier or coverage recommendations for individuals on our blog. This area is for general questions about Medicare only. If you need help with your personal policy, click the Contact Us button below for more personal guidance. We are happy to help you!

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