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Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans


If you have chosen to get a Medicare Advantage plan, rather than a Medicare supplement plan, then your Medicare Mentor can help you identify which Medicare Advantage plans are available in your county. We can also verify which networks your physicians participate in and which hospitals you will have access to under your plan.


Once we’ve identified a Medicare Advantage plan that gives you access to your preferred providers, we can provide you with a summary of benefits and carefully walk you through the benefits of that plan so that you will understand the cost-sharing.


Comparing Medicare Supplements Plans


Although Medicare supplements are standardized by the federal government, each year their rates vary. We are often contacted by people who bought a policy based on a price alone and later found out that their rates went up the following year.

It’s important to speak with a knowledgeable Mentor who can educate you on important factors like rate trends and financial ratings.


Do you need help comparing plans? Do you want a FREE quote? A Medicare Mentor is here to help you!


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