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What will you pay?


There are many different factors that will determine what your out-of-pocket costs are.

Here are different factors:


  • If the plan charges a monthly premium in addition to your monthly Part B premium.
  • Whether the plan will pay any of your monthly Part B premium.
  • If the plan has an annual deductible or any additional deductibles for certain services.
  • What your copayments are for each visit or service.
  • The type of services that you need and how often you get them.
  • Whether you follow the plan’s rules, like using network doctors, hospitals, and/or facilities.
  • If you need extra benefits and if the plan charges for them.
  • The plan’s annual limit on your out-of-pocket costs for all medical services. Once you have reached this limit, you won’t pay anything for covered services.
  • Whether you have Medicaid or get help from your state.


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